Top Dutch

What is TopDutch?

One of the world’s best regions to build and expand your business. Why? With our interconnected, purpose-driven, people powered ecosystems, the TopDutch region is leading in developing green and digital solutions for global economic, social and ecological challenges. We are internationally focussed. We are the region of talent. We have space for growth, with unrestricted access to renewable energy and resources. We make the world safer, greener, and cleaner.

Are you ready to join our effort in supplying the world with green and digital solutions? Expand your horizon in the TopDutch region.

Reasons to join TopDutch

We are Global

We have the highest English proficiency level in Europe. We are, and have always been, international traders. The Netherlands is the logistical gateway of Europe. The TopDutch region is located geographically close to Scandinavia, Western and Eastern Europe. We have access to airports, seaports, and major European roads in the region.

We are Green

We are all about sustainability. In the TopDutch region, you have the opportunity to close the loop. We are on the forefront of the green energy and chemistry transition. We have unrestricted access to bio-based raw materials, sustainable energy and green hydrogen.

We are Digital

We are leading the way in building a digital society. We have highly educated, digitally skilled workforce and fast growing companies. The TopDutch region is internationally known for developing applications using cutting edge technologies like 5G, blockchain and smart manufacturing.

We are Knowledge

We are a strong knowledge economy. We have an ever growing pool of (international) talent, educating over 85,000 students per year. The TopDutch region has multiple world class universities, working together with regional industries and international companies. We are leading in sustainable and digital education.

We are Purpose driven

We are making global impact. In the TopDutch region, purpose driven companies are designing and innovating products, services and business models that are already creating a sustainable future for the world.

We are Spacious

We have space for growth. In the TopDutch region, there is room to build and expand your business. It is home to large, facilitated greenfield locations. Tailor made real estate solutions are easily accommodated.

We are hospitable

We are at your disposal. The TopDutch region offers no-nonsense, open, and transparent support for expanding businesses and innovation. The Netherlands is the fastest in Europe for handling physical and legal aspects of international businesses setting up local subsidiaries. We can help you to make these processes go smoothly.

We are the Green Metropolis

We are urban, surrounded by beautiful, vibrant nature. The TopDutch region has dynamic cities, full of energy, life and culture. We have stunning forests, beaches, islands and lakes that provide a welcome change for those in need of balance.

We are Happy

We are rich, not only with economic power but also with a different type of well being: Happiness. The TopDutch region has affordable housing, world class educational and healthcare systems, low crime rates, clean air, plus a healthy balance between challenging jobs and fun leisure time. We are a great place to start your future.